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The enormous additional construction of decentralized, renewable energy plants as part of the energy revolution in Germany has a decisive influence on the power quality in the different voltage levels. With growing share of fluctuating energy, such as wind energy and photovoltaics, we need a much more flexible power supply system in order to compensate the fluctuations of wind and sun at all times.

Due to this expansion of renewable energy but greater demands on the network operator, mainly because wind power and photovoltaic systems currently largely independent of the current consumption and regardless of the network environment to feed a highly variable amount of current. Also, the operation of all other power plants based (on the liberalized in 1998 electricity market) increasingly less on network requirements, but on other parameters such as the recoverable current price, the availability and price of primary energy or the heat demand. Nevertheless, consumers expect in private households, commercial - and industrial plants consistently high network quality. In particular, they expect the smallest possible number and duration of power cuts.

Kleintges Elektrogerätebau GmbH as passive filters - manufacturer - offers a wide range of filtering solutions on the customer-oriented consulting and services. We offer 1- and 3-phase filters and chokes:


  • sinus filters

  • dV / dt filter

  • mains filter

  • filter chokes

  • motor reactors


After various construction configuration.

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