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Kleintges Elektrogerätebau GmbH offers innovative solutions in high-class quality for various industries with short delivery times. We develop, produce and distribute all kinds of inductive components: transformers, chokes, filter as well as electricity supply.

Our aim is to realize all kinds of individual customer requirements with our products. Our location is situated in the heart of Europe. Important logistics hubs, such as the airport in Frankfurt,  are only a few hours away from us. On this basis, we are able to meet your individual schedules reliable.

Since the company was formed in 1979, we produce winding goods like transformers and chokes. Our manufacturing spectrum has always been developing and today, we are also able to offer electronic monitoring systems and components in fields of renewable energy.

We are the specialists for quick implementation of custom-made components in fields of development, manufacturing and delivery.

We are placed on the A5 highway near to the Frankfurt airport

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